One level at a time!

Hello! Man, I haven't started a blog in so long. This is hitting me with Xanga nostalgia lol. Part of me is sad I deleted my Xanga, another part is grateful because that's one less cause of me cringing into my own grave. Anyway, I'm hoping the start of this blog will help those who follow my art to see what I'm currently up to! If anyone is actually curious, that is. I have other outlets such as Tumblr or Facebook to make long-winded updates but I'm not too keen on their formatting. I also don't want to clog up people's feeds!

I've already mentioned it recently on my social media, but I'm currently in the process of moving all my merchandise into a storage shed. Long story short, my room got flooded due to faulty pipes. It's annoying since I also have to figure out what to do with my room now since we had to rip up the carpet and toss a lot of waterlogged items. Everything related to my business and art is safe though, thankfully! Things are moving slowly but steadily.

It's been three years of -- *gestures with both hands* THIS -- now! Three years of fumbling around in digital art, three years of growing my small business, three years of fun. I'm at a point where I feel like I ran really fast at some point and now that I'm catching my breath, I'm wondering which direction to run towards next. Since I've been focusing more on the business side of things, I guess this is where the next level of learning will happen for me. Wish me luck!

Right now, I'm doing some design updates to my brand. "Brand" -- feels a bit odd saying that, it's a bit cold in a way? Haha, maybe it's just me. I'll talk more about it in a separate blog post though, since this is becoming an essay already. Please give me an A.