Original and fan designs


9 TO 5 CUTE, 2017 (ON-GOING)

Original character designs focused on cute animals and their careers. These designs were used to produce soft enamel pins for personal sale. Background assets were drawn to compliment each character and for use as backing cards.

These are available for purchase via my online store

League Mini, 2015-PRESENT

My take on League of Legends champions.

Pikachu&, 2016

A series of drawings of Pikachu interacting with the world around it.

kokorotchi, 2016

Original character designs inspired by Tamagotchi. Gave each one a unique name based on sound effects found in Japanese manga. Bios include their name, the meaning of the sfx, and their personality.

stickers, on-going

Various original characters designated for sticker printing.


Little Heroes, 2014

Little Heroes was created as a fun project dedicated to fellow RPG lovers. This project was successfully funded on November 23, 2014 via Kickstarter to produce keychains of these original characters.

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