The Mascots

The three store mascots were created to pay homage to my very first online shop. I started my small business on Storenvy, where my shop was called “Mon Amie”. Mon Amie means “my friend” in French, and it’s also a wordplay on my last name, Mon. I owe a lot to my Storenvy roots.

The mascots are named Momo the bunny, Naru the cat, and Miko the bear. I honestly just wanted to excuse to draw more than one cute mascot, so I created one for each syllable of Mon Amie. But that’s as far as I initially planned! As time goes by, I’m learning that each one is growing a personality of their own so the descriptions you see below may change as they develop as characters :)

Momo the bunny

Momo is calm and shy.

Naru the cat

Naru is loud and curious. Naru can be naughty. Naru loves to bother Momo.

Miko the bear

Miko loves snacks. Miko is kind and likes to help others. Miko attracts paranormal entities.